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Buying Guides

Air Products Buying Guide

Tumbl Trak was one of the first companies to offer Air Products to the market.  We offer a wide variety of options and have put together this quick snapshot view to help you decide which Air Product is best for you.

Training Bars Buying Guide

Tumbl Trak offers some of the best training bars for home use on the market. Our bars feature high-quality construction and are available in several appealing colours to fit your home’s decoration. These at home training bars are great for kids just starting out all the way up to more advanced gymnasts. We have highlighted some features and specifications of each bar and in this video - Bar Buying Guide.

Tumbling Mats Buying Guide

Tumbl Trak’s Tumbling Mats and other Specialised Mats are perfect for both gym and home use.  Our bright, colourful designs make these the perfect mats for athletes of any skill level. We use the highest quality materials to build mats that will last for years and years to come. Our Tumbling Mats are light enough to be moved easily and are foldable for convenient storage. Please also have a watch of our Tumbling Mat Buying Guide Video and Specialised Mat Buying Guide Video.

Balance Beam Buying Guide

Tumbl Trak’s Balance Beams are portable and great for both home and gym use. Repetition is key to success and our beams provide the sturdiness, versatility and safety needed to perfect beam skills. Featured in our Beam Comparison Video are the Sectional Beam, Brianna Beam and Laser Beam.