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Handstand Homework

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PLEASE NOTE your door should not be more than 3.5cm thick

Handstand Homework Mat

60cm wide x 2.7m long x 1.6cm thick; Includes Workbook.

Handstand Homework Mat- Pkg 1

Includes (1) Handstand Homework Mat, (1) Workbook, (2) 30cm Fun Sticks- Random Colours

Handstand Homework Mat- Pkg 2

Includes (1) Handstand Homework Mat, (1) Workbook, (1) 30cm Fun Stick and (2) 60cm Fun Sticks- Random Colours

Handstand Homework Mat- Pkg 3

Includes everything from Package 2 plus a Floor Bar

Handstand Homework Book

This 60 page workbook is included with the purchase of your Mat, but is also sold separately.


Mastering the correct handstand is the single most important thing a gymnast should do. Why is the handstand so important? Seventy-five percent of all the skills we do on every event either show a handstand or moves through a handstand. If you can't hold a straight handstand - you're at a disadvantage on every event
- Tom Forster, USAG National Coach

About the Handstand Homework

The Handstand Homework Mat is a multi-functional mat developed by Tumbl Trak Engineer Kyle Thalman in conjunction with Tom Forster, USA Gymnastics National Team Staff Coach.

From beginner to advanced levels, handstand control is an absolute necessity in all facets of the sport of gymnastics. Use of the Mat encourages practice at home; and when used under the direction and guidance of the workbook, which is included with purchase, the athlete has the opportunity to improve their handstands greatly. This will thereby improve performance in all their gymnastic routines including tumbling, bars, vault and beam.

The Handstand Homework Mat is reversible. One side is a Cartwheel Mat (available in 4 colours) and the other side is carpeted and features a 1.8m long, 10cm wide white “beam” stripe. The Mat is designed to easily attach to any door with slide-on clips and Velcro straps, but can also be used on the floor.

**Door should not be more than 3.5cm thick.

The 60 page Handstand Homework book (included with purchase) demonstrates the shapes necessary to achieve the perfect handstand. It is filled with pictures of correct shapes, as well pointing out some common misshapes. The workbook also includes some fun “quizzes” about handstands, a “word search” and many other items a young gymnast will surely enjoy while learning at the same time!

“All in all, the Handstand Homework Book will help parents, coaches and gymnasts to understand the importance of the handstand. As a parent of a gymnast, I never thought of a handstand as being that integral to many other important skills in gymnastics. But after looking at the workbook and seeing the pictures (which are very helpful), it all makes sense.”
-- Kelly Zalusky of Midland, MI

Skill Levels:
Beginner - High

Our Warranty

Two year warranty on material and workmanship.


Workbook Quiz Answers (109.4 Kb, PDF)


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