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2m Pina - No Castors


2m Pina with Castors


3m Pina - No Castors


3m Pina with Castors



About the Pina

The Pina is a free standing portable ballet barre equipped with two wooden bars spaced 19cm apart. It is an excellent complement to any professional studio or space needing extra capacity. It has two wide, flat, steel bases and optional small wheels to help a user move the barre. What sets the PINA apart is that it has been designed with weight reduction in mind, but without compromising on Dinamica Ballet´s commitment to sturdy, balanced and stable barres.

Ballet Barres are a great addition to your facility even if you do not have a dance program. These
high quality Pinewood barres (40mm diameter) combine functionality with design and are supplied by Dinamica Ballet in Barcelona, Spain. All barres can be disassembled for easy transport or convenient storage. They can be used from both sides to maximise space and number of users and the solid wide bases have non-slip feet for balance and stability.

With Wheels - Height: 79.5 and 102cm, Weight: 52kg (2m bars) or 54kg (3m bars)

Without Wheels - Height: 78.5 and 101cm, Weight: 36kg (2m bars) or 38 kg (3m bars)

Skill Levels:
Beginner - High

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Dance Training
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