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Quick Flex Bar-in-a-Bag

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Quick Flex Bar-in-a-Bag

Fits the Original Tumbl Trak or Xtreme Tumbl Trak


About the Quick Flex Bar-in-a-Bag

Tumbl Trak's Quick Flex Bar is a great alternative to a Frame Bar. Its foam covered strap is soft and very friendly for accidental landings. The bracket has been completely re-designed for tightened attachment to the Original Tumbl Trak™.

The Quick Flex Bar allows for lots of repetitions when learning to hit a handstand with open shoulders. Bouncing off the stomach helps develop cast handstands, back uprise handstands, and front giants. When practicing Tkatchevs, a common occurrence is hitting heels on the bar. This bar is SOFT and much friendlier for those heels!

TIP: As a drill that can help beginners get a backward roll, or a back extension roll with straight arms, set a Launch Pad with a Micro Ramp under it, on the Tumbl Trak. A Bungee Ramp or Bungee Incline can also be used to make this drill easier for beginners.

Skill Levels:
Beginner - High

Our Warranty

Two year warranty on material and workmanship.



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Recommended Uses for the Quick Flex Bar-in-a-Bag

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Bar Training
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