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Skill Builder Packages

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Skill Builder Package

Build Your Skills at Home or in the Gym!

Package of 5 Sets

Bundle and Save!

Package of 10 Sets

Bundle and Save!


About the Skill Builder Packages

Looking for a great small beginner package?! Grab the Skill Builder Package for only £42.50 + p/p. These packages include three of our most popular developmental aids: Sliders, Open Shoulder Trainer and our NEW Sticky Toes.

are a slippery oval disk that can be used on a carpeted floor and allow an athlete to move their body in a stationary space, or across the floor to work muscles. They are also great for lunges, core strengthening exercises and tumbling drills like needle kicks and aerials.

is easy to use and does not allow athletes to drop their shoulders on handstands, cartwheels, round offs, limber over, walkovers and other skills that require an open shoulder technique. You will want at least 5-10 Open Shoulder Trainers in your gym.

will help athletes perfect new skills much easier. They are designed to help the athlete realise when their feet are together or apart.

Skill Levels:

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Recommended Uses for the Skill Builder Packages

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Kid Fitness
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