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Tumbl Tape and Velcro Numbers

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Tumbl Tape

10cm wide x 6m long approx.

Velcro Numbers

Set of 10, multi-coloured

Tumbl Tape & Velcro Numbers Package

1 Tumbl Tape & 1 Set of Velcro Numbers - Save on Shipping!!


About the Tumbl Tape and Velcro Numbers

TUMBL TAPE: The Tumbl Tape is designed to be simple, yet so useful! The colourful, 10cm wide Velcro has hook Velcro on the back to secure it to any closed loop carpet. Designed to be approximately 6m long with a new colour every 60cm, athletes can start understanding the value of LONG tumbling early on. Use the colours to challenge them to reach farther in cartwheels, handstands, round-offs and more!

The top surface of the Tumbl Tape is closed loop Velcro which makes it soft on the feet, but also useful to stick Velcro “place markers.” (See our Velcro Numbers, sold separately) Athletes can self-check their skills and work toward longer tumbling independently! The markers and colours are also great for knowing hand placements when tumbling into the pit or uphill onto a resi mat. You won’t have to remeasure your steps over and over!

The Tumbl Tape is also ideal for organising your preschool and recreational classes as each student will easily find their own colour on the line! Challenge students to use the line for jumping, hopping and hurdling.

You’ll want several of these handy lines around your gym for colour-filled fun and great learning!

10cm wide x approx. 6m long

VELCRO NUMBERS: Simple yet effective our set of 10 Velcro Numbers will be a great addition to your club. With hook Velcro on the bottom these numbers can stick to any closed loop carpeted surface, like your gym floor.

Use them with our Carpet Overlays, Hurdle Helper or Tumbl Tape. The 10 numbers also colour match to the sections of the Tumbl Tape to add another chance for teaching young kids colours & numbers. Add them to our Booster Blocks to make your own Podium too!!

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