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Product Overview

About the T-Trainer

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90cm x 1.3m

Optional Suede Cover

Attaches by Velcro

T-Trainer Package 1

Includes T-Trainer & Folding Mini Ramp

T-Trainer Package 2

Includes T-Trainer, Optional Suede Cover and non-folding (38cm H) Base Block

T-Trainer Package 3

Includes T-Trainer, Optional Suede Cover, non-folding (38cm H) Base Block and Cross Supports

T-Trainer Package 4

Includes T-Trainer, Optional Suede Cover, Base Block (20cm H) and Cross Supports


About the T-Trainer

The NEW T-Trainer can help train skills for vault, tumbling AND bars. It can also be used in Men's Artistic for Rings, High Bar and P-Bar skills. Shaped like a vault top, springy like a Mini Tramp and as useful as a vault board, the T-Trainer will quickly become your favourite training aid. The top surface is made with our Xtreme bed material and measures the same as a vault table, (0.9m x 1.2m). Your athletes will love this bouncy vault top for Yurchenko’s, Tsuk’s, Handsprings and more.

Place the T-Trainer in front of the vault as a springboard or use it at a bar station to improve circling, handstand, or seat bouncing drills. The removable Suede Cover (sold separately), attaches by Velcro to the top, making it look and feel more like a traditional vault top. Even with the suede cover, the surface is a lot softer for the wrists and shoulders, which helps to reduce overuse injuries.

Weight limit = 79 kgs.

Height including pads
37cm @ low end
52cm @ high end

Minimal Assembly Required.


Skill Levels:
Beginner - High

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Bar Training
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