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Equipment for Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance and more

Gymnastics, Cheerleading and Dance

Featured Products

Fly Right - 15% Off

Fly Right - 15% Off

Looking for a safe piece of cheer stunting equipment for the home or club? Check out our NEW Fly Right.

Balance is the key to a strong, SAFE stunt! Cheerleaders and coaches love the realistic movement the flyer experiences as they train on this patented spring design.

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NEW Mini Trak & Package - 15% Off

NEW Mini Trak & Package - 15% Off

We've added new features to our Mini Trak! The redesigns make it useful for preschool kids through competitive athletes.

The Mini Trak now adjusts to three different height settings, has non-skid feet and has a seamless bed to pad transition. By attaching the Folding Mini Ramp, included in the package, round-off entry skills can be practiced.

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Featured Video

Tumbl TALK

Teaching is a job that is full of emotional high’s and low’s, that fills our hearts, (if not our bank accounts), and presents roadblocks that leave us stumped. When a teacher is faced with a challenge, where does he/she turn for specific help?

Luckily, there are many passionate, experienced gymnastics educators out there who are more than willing to help guide the flock.

Beth Gardner, owner of Heart of Texas, is one of the greatest “brains” in the business. Her impressive list of accomplishments and awards tell the tale of her experience as a movement educator, business owner, author, consultant, mentor and leader in the sport of gymnastics.
Beth has a compassionate, thoughtful philosophy regarding teaching students of all abilities. Recently, we observed one of Beth’s teaching moments posted in a response to a common scenario coaches have about how to manage children who just don’t seem to listen.

“I have a student who is driving me up a wall! She is constantly interrupting class with chatter. What do you do when you’ve used all the tricks you know and nothing is working??? AAAGH!” ~~Frustrated Coach, Everywhere [Read More]

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