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Equipment for Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance and more

Gymnastics, Cheerleading and Dance

Featured Products

15% off ALL Bars & Packages

15% off ALL Bars & Packages

From our Jr Kip Bar to our Jr Bar Pro these single training bars are great for home practice. Each bar features a 3.8cm diameter solid maple bar. Choose our packages to save even MORE money and purchase the recommended mats for each of the bars.

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15% off ALL Sizes & Styles of Tumbling Mats

15% off ALL Sizes & Styles of Tumbling Mats

Our Tumbling Mats are designed with the highest quality materials available on the market today. They are made with crosslink foam, covered with 18 oz. vinyl and stitched together with high quality dacron thread.

Our standard Tumbling Mats are available in three sizes and two thicknesses. In addition select from a variety of colours including our NEW Blueberry Explosion.

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Tumbl TALK

Over the years, Tumbl Trak has been fortunate to collaborate with folks in the industry who have like-minded goals - offering great education to coaches, athletes and parents in an effort to improve the quality and safety of gymnastics, martial arts, cheer, special needs and kid fitness.

As Tumbl Trak begins our 27th year, our 2015 newsletter will include featured articles from a variety of top notch, outstanding professionals. We look forward to another fantastic year of learning, sharing and fun!

Al Fong of GAGE gymnastics has proven his dedication to the sport of gymnastics through his commitment to athletes, coaches and families in his program and beyond. Al’s coaching education outreach includes clinics, blogs, articles and more that range in topics from parenting tips, coaching strategy and technique or business philosophy. Tumbl Trak is proud to be a part of Al’s professional “team”.

The Art of the Fall

If you’ve been in the sport for any length of time, you’ve either seen or heard of a gymnast getting hurt because she didn’t fall properly. The injury could have been prevented, but wasn’t due to a lack of awareness and training.

Falling goes hand in hand with doing gymnastics. It’s inevitable. [Read More]

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