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How To Order

Orders may be placed by Website or Telephone. All quotes and payments are in Pound Sterling (£) or Euro (€).

Website Orders
Visa and MasterCard are accepted means of payment on the Tumbl Trak Website. Credit Cards provided during the checkout process for orders placed on the website will be charged in full on the day the order is received. Any discounts available will be applied to the specific items at the time of order. For security reasons, the website is unable to accept prepaid credit cards or gift cards as means of payment. If you wish to use this type of payment, please call +44 (0)2921 167949 to place your order.

NOTE: Due to the speed in which we process in-stock orders we may be unable to make changes to your order an hour after it has been received. If you place an order at night, over the weekend or during a holiday and have a change to the order, please send details regarding the change to sales@tumbltrak.co.uk. All requests received by the morning of the following business day will be handled accordingly. Thank you for your understanding.

Phone Orders
Visa and MasterCard are accepted means of payment. Cheques and Bank Transfer are acceptable means of payment, however orders will not be shipped until funds have cleared. Please contact a Sales Representative for complete details. All payments are in Pound Sterling (£) or Euro (€).

Other payment options
Purchase orders are accepted from schools & other organisations on a strictly "Due Upon Receipt" basis. Please email Purchase Orders to sales@tumbltrak.co.uk. Please include complete billing and shipping addresses, prices of products, delivery charges and relevant VAT with your order. A copy of your Tumbl Trak issued quote is desired. All shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Shipping cost will be prepaid and added to the invoice. Tumbl Trak reserves the right to charge 1.5% monthly interest on all accounts that are more than 30 days overdue.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Bids and written quotations are guaranteed for 30 days. We apologise, verbal quotes cannot be guaranteed.