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Questions? Call us at +44 (0)2921 167949

Frequently Asked Questions

What number do I call to place an order?
Please call +44 (0)2921 167949 or email sales@tumbltrak.co.uk.

How do I access my account?
To access your account, click on “Log In”, enter your credentials and you will have access to your account information. If you have forgotten your password click the "forgot password" link and you will receive an email on how to reset your password.

How do I track my order?
Sign into your account, choose my orders, click on the tracking number provided.

How will my product be shipped?
Tumbl Trak ships customer orders using both small parcel (UPS or Priority Express) and pallet carriers (Palletline). Click here for more detailed information.

What should I do when my order arrives?
Read your Shipping Notification completely and determine if all boxes were received. For parcel delivery: if damage is noticed, take pictures right away and notify Tumbl Trak Customer Service at +44 (0)2921 167949 or sales@tumbltrak.co.uk. For freight, Inspect for damage, count the pieces, and confirm the quantity on the delivery receipt and packing slip BEFORE you sign the delivery receipt. If you fail to inspect for damage or verify the quantity before signing and find damage or a shortage later - we cannot help you. The carrier will claim no responsibility.

How long do I have to Return or Exchange an item?
You have 14 days from the time you received the item to return it or 30 days from the time you received the item to exchange it. It is the responsibility of the buyer to pay for return shipping and original shipping charges will be deducted from the original invoice total. Please click here to see the full Terms & Conditions.

Who pays for return shipping?
The customer is responsible for return shipping fees.

Will my order be delivered inside my house?
Quoted delivery price is to the shipping address provided. If to a business/school/leisure centre this will be delivered to reception or goods in. Any further delivery on site will need to be arranged by the buyer.

Assembly Instructions
Some items will require assembly. Written assembly instructions are included with your order. If for some reason, this documentation is not found, you may also download assembly instructions from the product page found on our website.

Do you ship internationally? Yes we ship internationally.
For orders to Europe you can purchase directly on this website. For any other country proceed as if you were ordering and you will be able to send a quote request. You may also email your details to sales@tumbltrak.co.uk. If in the US or Canada, please visit www.tumbltrak.com.

I have a Promo Code, where do I enter it?
Promo codes can be entered during the checkout phase of ordering.

My Promo Code doesn’t work?
Only valid promo codes can be entered. If a code is entered that is not valid, you will receive an error message. Only Codes authorised by Tumbl Trak will be valid. Codes found on the internet may be invalid or inaccurate and cannot be honoured.

I have a Holiday Gym Programme Referral Code, where do I enter it?
Referral Codes can be entered during the checkout phase of ordering in the Other Information section. Please include the Referral Code in this field to earn credit for your club.

Price Adjustments
If you purchase an item(s) at retail price and then the item(s) goes on sale, we allow a 3 day window from the date of purchase for a price adjustment. Exception: No price adjustments will be given for Cyber Monday, Black Friday or ONE DAY only sales. If you wish to request a price adjustment, contact customer service at +44 (0)2921 167949.

My Air Product is not holding air, what should I do?
Click here to review the troubleshooting guide. If you are unable to resolve the issue using the information in the troubleshooting guide, please call customer service at +44 (0)2921 167949. You may be asked to provide photos and detailed information regarding the issue.

For products under warranty, your customer service representative will determine if the product will be repaired or replaced. Tumbl Trak’s warranty covers manufacturer’s defects only. Please refer to the full warranty language found on the Terms & Conditions Page.