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Head Over Heels About Gymnastics - Books

The Books & DVDs from Head Over Heels About Gymnastics are a series of fun, child friendly resources. They provide step-by-step instructions and top tips explaining how to perform a large variety of gymnastic skills via simple language and eye catching photography.

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Head Over Heels About Gymnastics - Books
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Book- Volume 1: Floor Skills
This book begins with example warms-ups and stretches, moving on to cover posture and all basic gymnastics shapes. These instrumental basics can help as you progress towards Jumps, Rolls and Leaps. Bringing all of these skills together, the book then demonstrates how combined, these skills can be used to create routines. In this new edition there are judging sheets enabling the gymnast to track and record their progress a great addition to an already excellent book.

Book- Volume 2: Pair and Trio Balances
This book is packed full of ideas to incorporate gymnastics skills into pair and trio gymnastic balances. Through working together the gymnasts will develop teamwork, co-operation and trust whilst having hours of fun with friends. This book is recommended for children between the ages of 6-16 and will encourage children of different ages to work together. This edition features eye catching images of the skills, accompanied by top tips, technical detail and little bits of insider coaching knowledge.

Book- Volume 3: Floor Beam
This book walks you through an introduction to the Beam with basic skills such as Mounts and Dismounts to Walk Steps, Chasses and Bunny Jumps. The reader then progresses to skills such as Cartwheels, Walkovers and Levers. Bringing together the skills learnt throughout the book, we provide a number of exciting Floor Beam routines for you to practice.