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Skill Builder Package

This Skill Builder Package includes three of our most popular "in the gym" or "at home" training aids including (1) Pair of Sticky Toes, (1) Pair of Standard Sliders and (1) Open Shoulder Trainer.

24 Months on material and workmanship.

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Skill Builder Package
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Sticky Toes will help athletes perfect new skills much easier. Sticky Toes are designed to help the athlete realise when their feet are apart or together. 

Standard Sliders are a slippery oval disk that are used on carpeted floor and allow an athlete to move their body in a stationary space, or across the floor to work muscles. Whether working alone or in partners, these innovative exercises will help build strength, improve body shaping and increase flexibility.

The Open Shoulder Trainer is a light, padded device that fits around an athlete's shoulder and neck in order to maintain open shoulders needed for skills that move through a handstand.
For what age group is the Skill Builder Package appropriate?
The items in the Skill Builder Package can be used for all ages and abilities generally above preschool level.
Why should I buy the Skill Builder Package and not the items individually?
By purchasing the items together as a package, you not only save on the price you pay for the items, but also save a significant amount in shipping because we bundle them and ship together.

24 Months on material and workmanship.